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Why Choose Dental World?​

Dental World is one of Chiangmai’s leading for dental service provider. Factors that differentiate Dental World from other dental clinics include:
1. Award-Winning & Guaranteed Dental Practice by Thai Dental Clinic Accreditation (TDCA), Chiangmai Provincial Health Office, Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration, Department of Health
2. Team of over 45 Professional Certified Dentists
3. Sterilization & Patient Safety Focus
4. Advanced dental technologies
5. Great Location in the city and wheelchair-friendly designed


+ What is Dental World’s Standards During The COVID-19 Outbreak?​

To ensure the possible highest level of oral hygiene and safety amid COVID-19 pandemic, Dental World has fully implemented preventive strategies and pandemic control in order to reduce chances of viral transmission. All dental services provided by our highly experienced dentists under updated guidelines and strict rules of Chiangmai Provincial Health Office.
• 7 Main protocols for before-during-after the dental work > Click https://youtu.be/_jWLLxOye38
• Guidelines for all visitors before entering > Click https://youtu.be/IFkoQ1T6884

+ When Should I NOT Go to the Dentist due to the COVID-19 situation?​

Just because our clinic is relatively safe doesn’t mean you should go no matter what. If you feel under the weather, you should stay home to reduce the risk of transmission. These are valid reasons to reschedule your appointment:
• You have any symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever >37.5c. , nausea, sore throat, or muscle aches.
• You have a decreased sense of taste or smell.
• You tested positive for COVID-19 with the last 14 days.
• A close contact tested positive for COVID-19.
• You travelled from High-Risk Red Zone and strict COVID-19 Control recently

+ Who will be my dentists and qualifications?​

Dental World works by a system of dental specialist. This means that each portion of your dental treatment is assigned to different dental specialists to ensure proper treatment and diagnoses.  Most of our dentists are dental professors/lecturers from Chiangmai University.  Diplomate of Thai Board is certified with high-skilled experiences.  Some achieved American Board as well.​

+ Do you have Chinese services?​

Unfortunately, only English is for the international patients.  If you have any Thai-Chinese or English-Chinese friends as your interpreter, that would be good enough.  For patient’s most safety, we are seeking your best understanding on this circumstance.   If any interpreter required, we may help find on your cost upon request.​

+ Do you have virtual consultation?​

Yes, we do offer virtual consultation / online support.  For example, orthodontic consultation.  This can be done by LINE, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat​

+ Do you have any branches?​

No.  Dental World locates in Chiangmai only.​

Dentist and Dental Specialist

Became Chiang Mai’s first Oral Health Center, housed in a beautifully glass-structured building equipped to provide world class dental care in a calm and comfortable setting. It is conveniently located in the heart of the city and has spacious car parking facilities.


not only offers the very best in modern technology and highly qualified dental staff; it also sets out to create a safe, happy and friendly service that suits the patient’s needs. For example, all treatment from simple fillings to dental surgery has been priced competitively, with the aim of providing affordable fees for the public in general. DENTALWORLD also devotes time and care in answering questions or fully discussing dental problems. You are welcome to browse through the rest of our website and discover promotions, details of staff and the treatment available, and other useful information. Thank you for visiting.

Children Center

DENTALWORLD cares about children, and so a friendly child behavior specialist is available to help them relax and feel comfortable.

Cosmetic Center

Apart from the Zoom System, Inlay, Onlay, Bridge, Dental Implant, Ceramic Crown and Veneer treatment ensures that all patients leaving DENTALWORLD wear a confident smile.

Dental Implants Center

Dental Implant: A solution for the replacement of missing tooth.  With today's advancements in dental implant and bone-grafting techniques, materials and technologies, almost anyone with missing teeth can now have dental implant adone. Dental World offer dental implant brand “Hiossen” from USA and “AstratechR” from Sweden.


DENTALWORLD employs first rate orthodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons to consult, plan and carry out face structure treatment that develops or restores natural beauty or good looks, and perfect occlusion. We offer various braces types such as Invisalign (clear aligner from USA), Damon Braces (แบรนด์ 3M), Ceramic Braces, Metal Braces, included Retainer

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