EXTRA ORAL Dental SUCTION (EOS) Related to the COVID-19 pandemic

EXTRA ORAL Dental SUCTION (EOS) Related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dental World has fully implemented 7 major protocols to prevent the COVID-19.  The EOS devices are in place in every treatment rooms at Dental World for your highest safety level.  Besides, there are several minor procedures are implemented.  With the EOS, we can reduce the aerosols 99%.  In the extra oral suction devices, there are HEPA filters, UV-C disinfectant and plasma sterilization system. This “New Normal “ dental treatment protocols is strictly implemented and monitored closely at DentalWorld.

EXTRA ORAL Dental SUCTION (EOS) Related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Ultra Violet Light Application (UV) After completing the treatment, in addition to cleaning all contact surfaces such as dental chairs, lamp and equipment sterilization, in each dental treatment room, we apply the ultraviolet light to disinfect the surface that may be on the surface or floating in the air immediately upon the treatment completion.

DENTALWORLD puts great emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of the patient

DENTALWORLD puts great emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of the patient. All equipment,techniques, instruments and medication are gold standard in dental care worldwide, and its dental staff is highly qualified and fully experienced.

CEREC Omnicam - Dental World Chiangmai

DENTALWORLD Scanning made more precise and faster Powder-free scanning, digital data allows rapid export to external service providers for aligners or complex laboratory indications, and precise 3D (full-jaw) scans in natural color! We use this machine for braces, crown, implant treatments. Save the patients the discomfort of a conventional impression tray. Reduce a risk of contamination.

เครื่องเอกซเรย์ดิจิตอล - คลินิกจัดฟัน เชียงใหม่

Computer-guided for dental implant surgery

  • Provide more details for more diagnostic accuracy

  • Find and avoid areas that are at risk for implantation.

  • Reduce the treatment time of dental implant surgery

ระบบดิจิทัล 3D Dental CT Scan - คลินิกจัดฟัน เชียงใหม่

Bone Grafting Bone grafts can help with dental problems caused by an insufficient amount of jaw bone, such as in the case of dental implants.

Digital X-ray machine - Dental World Chiangmai

Every precaution is taken at DENTALWORD to ensure maximum safety during the X-ray procedure. DENTALWORLD uses digital X-ray equipment that is capable of producing periapical, bitewing, occlusal and extraoral radiographic views, as well as full mouth series and panoramic film. Besides its use for comprehensive treatment, DENTALWORLD’S X-ray technology is ideal for orthodontic treatment and dental implants.

3D CT-SCAN For Dental Implant Surgery - Dental World Chiangmai

This technology helps increase long-term success rates in dental implant treatment.  3D Dental CT Scan is one of the most essential equipment in Dental Implant Surgery assisting a dental implantologist in locating the best spots for implant placement.

Laughing Gas - Dental World Chiangmai

To relieve stress and anxiety, laughing gas is available at DENTALWORLD. Laughing gas or nitrous oxide has been used as a sedation technique since 1772 and, mixed with 30% oxygen, is perfectly safe for both child and adult patients.

Teeth Whitening Machine Zoom systems

Teeth often yellow by naturally aging or discoloration can occur through diet, smoking or medication. Today, teeth can be given back their original sheen by a tooth whitening process that takes as little as 45 minutes. Zoom, used by DENTALWORLD, is the dominant leader in Chairside Whitening Systems worldwide. In 2004, it was recognized as Reality’s number one in-office whitening system, awarded Dental Advisor’s 5 Plus rating and winner of Dental Towns Townie Award for both best in-office system and best Whitening Lamp.

Sterilization Systems - Dental World Chiangmai

For ultimate protection, DENTALWORLD uses the Autoclave sterilization system, which uses pressurized steam to destroy microorganisms, and is the most dependable method available for the decontamination of medical equipment.

Meter long roots - Dental World Chiangmai

This equipment is a fully automatic root canal length measuring device (apex locator) which provides extremely accurate measurements in all canal conditions. This technology helps the dentist to accurately locate the root canal apex, determine root length, and enable 100% removal infection (microbacterial), resulting in successful root canal treatment.

Endodontic Microscope OPMI - Dental World Chiangmai

The OPMI Pico microscope has been developed exclusively for applications in microdentistry by Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH that enables crisp, razor-sharp images with outstanding contrast, excellent depth orientation, relaxed stereoscopic vision, and impressive stereoscopic relief. With the OPMI Pico, a dentist can see exactly which location of the canal needed to treat.  Successful rate would be increased.

Enlarge endodontic instruments - Dental World Chiangmai

This electronic machine is used in combination with a Nickel Titanium instrument (Protaper). The instrument is designed to bend to pulp shape, and cut quickly, efficiently and safely, with maximum debris removal. The protaper addresses technical and procedural issues that no other endodontic instrument can. It also cleans pulp and removes 100% of infection (microbacterial), resulting in successful root canal treatment.

Root canal filling tool - Dental World Chiangmai

For heat generated root canal filling, the Warm Gutta Percha Technique is used. This machine transfers heat from the tip to the Gutta Percha in the root canal, in order to fill the entire surface of the root canal, and rapidly fill the most difficult root canals, in less time, and less discomfort for the patient than any other method. The complete seal obtained significantly reduces chances of secondary infection, and the easy-to-use handpiece makes filling any canal easy and optimizes the perfect result.

Ultra Sonic Motor PS XS - Dental World Chiangmai

This is the most versatile ultrasonic generator, with a new electronic design, high vibration amplitude and fully controlled linear tip movement.The Ultrasonic Machine is used to remove calculus, locate the orifices of root canal, retreat failed root canal treatment and remove pin tooth.

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