January 08, 2021

Patient’s Bill of Rights​

1. Every patient has the basic rights to receive health service as have been legally enacted in the Thai Constitution BE 2540.
2. The patient is entitled to receive full medical services regardless of their status, race, nationality, religion, social standing, political affiliation, sex, and the nature of their illness from their medical practitioner.
3. Patients who seek medical services have the rights to receive their complete current information in order to thoroughly understand about their illness from their medical practitioner. Furthermore, the patient can either voluntarily consent or refuse treatment from the medical practitioner treating him/her except in case of emergency or life treating situation.
4. Patients at risk, in critical condition or near death, are entitled to receive urgent and immediate relief from their medical practitioner as necessary, regardless of whether the patient requests assistance or not.
5.The patient has the right to know the name-surname and the specialty of the practitioner under whose case he/she is in.
6. It is the right of the patient to request a second opinion from other medical practitioner in other specialties, who is not involved in the immediate case of him/her, as well as the right to change the place of medical service or treatment, as requested by the patient, without prejudice.
7. The patient has the right to expect that their personal information are kept confidential by the medical practitioner, the only exception being in case with consent of the patient or due to legal obligation.
8. The patient is entitled to demand complete current information regarding his/her role in the research and the risk involved, in order to make decision to participate in/or withdraw from the medical research being carried out by their health case provider.
9.  The patient has the right to know or demand full and current information about their medical treatment as appeared in the medical record as requested. With respect to this, the information obtained must not infringe upon other individual’s rights.
10. The father/mother or legal representative may use their rights in place of a child under the age of eighteen or who is physically or mentally handicapped wherein they could not exercise their own rights.

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